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City of Bloomington

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ACH Form
Application to setup automatic withdrawl from a checking account to pay your water bill.
Building Permit Ap
Building permit application and Plan Review application with Mandatory Residential Fire Suppression Offer.
Contractor Eligibility
Application to register as a contractor with the Community Development division.
Contractor Registration
Required registration for all contractors who will be doing business in the City of Bloomington.
Engineering Permits
Application for Engineering department permits: Excavation, Utility and Curb Cuts.
Freedom of Information Act request for public records form.
Food & Beverage Reg
Food & Beverage Tax business registration form.
Food & Beverage Tax
Tax form to submit monthly remittance of the Food & Beverage Tax for both Bloomington & Normal.
Full-time Employment
Application for full-time employment with the City of Bloomington.
Hotel / Motel Registration
Hotel / Motel Tax business registration form.
Hotel / Motel Tax
Tax form used to submit Hotel / Motel Taxes to the City of Bloomington.
Oversize/Overweight Application
allow the operation of vehicles or loads that exceed the legal maximum weight or size.
Package Liquor Registration
Package Liquor Tax business registration form.
Package Liquor Tax
 Monthly Tax remittance form for packaged liquor retail sales.
Parking Violation Appeal Form
Appeal form to be used for parking violations.
Political Sign Ap
Application to maintain and erect political signs in the City of Bloomington.
Property Maintenance Board Petition
Petition for Hearing before the Property Maintenance Board of Review
Traffic Engineering Request/Complaint Form
Form used for Non-Emergency related traffic based request and complaints.

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