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Theatre on Ice

Definition of Theatre on Ice (TOI)
TOI combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of between eight and 16 skaters. Solo skating is discouraged, but is permitted in limited amounts if it enhances the overall telling of the program's story. The programs are judged by regular U.S. Figure Skating judges and are evaluated on technical merit and presentation with emphasis on originality, costuming, artistry and musicality.

Theatre on Ice Team, Pepsi Pops
The Pepsi Pops TOI Team is part of the Learn-to-Skate Program at Pepsi Ice Center.  Team members must be current members of U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program in order to perform with team and continue their skating education.  Skaters will learn and refine routines that will be performed at exhibitions and competitions. Additional fees will apply for costumes. For further information, please contact Lindsay Danner, Skating Director, 309-434-2877 or

Theatre on Ice Class
Learn to Skate students (Blades 2 and up) are eligible to sign up for a6 week session that will introduce them to Theatre on Ice! Skater will learn to perform as a group through choreographed exercises and movement.   

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